Rich is the luckiest guy of the group.   Taught to be a tinbender, carpenter, plumber and appliance repairman by his grandfather, Paul T. Schenck, and  after 25 long and hard years in the restaurant industry with ownership in 5 different restaurants, he and his wife Rachael decided it was time to get down to Fort Myers!  They often thought they would retire here, and eventually realized “they could work that much anywhere!”.  With that mindset, Rachael started researching businesses and found FAB II.  With a hard working welder already in the family, a quick visit with Billy and Eileen, and they were SOLD.  Now, Rich is CEO, head of advertising, sheet-metal AND shop maintenance.

By all accounts, he’s probably the happiest man in Florida- contact him ANYTIME @ 218.969.6864. or by  Email at if you don’t want to chat