Great depression survivor,  World war 2 Veteran, inventor, self taught engineer,  traveling salesman, gas man,  sheetmetal specialist, and most important,  the smartest, humblest man anyone ever met,  and my grandfather.

Life threw absolutely everything it could at him, and at all times he remained a gentleman, patient and kind.   He was enrolled in University when the war started, and immediately fell in love when he returned, and created his legacy- our family.

The mind of an educator and mechanical genius,  but  ALWAYS a loving father and grandfather,  who made time for all of us- children, cousins, near relatives, and friends…

I knew him very well,  and I can honestly say this-   the Presidential Coin he received, the Letter of Service, the accolades of being on an Honor Flight,  did not mean nearly as much to him as the hug he would receive whenever he entered a room,  or said goodbye.  A Man of Love to the end.

It is in his name that we proudly carry his motto-