Kurtis our soft spoken Nebraskan, is quite simply what it says on his card-  STEEL.  This monster rips through steel at a faster pace then we can feed it to him.  It doesn’t matter how big the beam is, or how many columns in the order,  it will be out the door and onto the next.  The spool of wire running on his machine needs to be greased to keep from seizing up 🙂  On site he is the Captain even though he doesn’t realize he is.  He lets us have our go, and before we can actually get something wrong, he’ll be right on it guiding everything perfectly into place.   He claims he doesn’t remember much from high school, but everything his Pa taught him since he was “knee high to a grasshopper.”  That’s where his life as a welder began, ‘burning rod on the farm.’  

20 years have passed.  His first professional welding was for the Egging Company in Nebraska, in production of parts for heavy equipment- Caterpillar being their largest contract.  His certifications include  D11 GMAW spray and FCAW.  He has been with Fab II going on 4 years. 

We can only hope this is his home.